Just a quick post to share this very exciting news to everyone. As you know, FII do annual events to highlight and showcase creativity in the fashion industry. This year, we are spreading our wings to fly to Freetown, Sierra Leone. Our theme for this year is ‘Freetown 2019, Inspiring a generation of Craftsmanship’.

We officially launched our campaign yesterday evening with a video we shot in London, introducing FII to our Sierra Leone audience.

Sierra Leone was an easy choice for such a transition due to its rich and vibrant aesthetically pleasing culture, traditions, sights and sounds and abundance of raw talented individuals in the various industries. Collectively, Sierra Leone is a hot pot waiting to be discovered. We also want to work with creative people in the country to help change the narrative and negative stigma Sierra Leone seem to have in the outside world. 

Anyway, here is the short video with some of the team members we will be brought to Freetown.