Fashion Industry Insiders is proud to partner with brands that are aligned with our vision to deliver and grow sustainable, value-driven businesses and personalities that will tell a story of success and transformational change within the fashion industry and beyond. Below are some of our sponsors for this season. If you want to join this esteemed group of sponsors, we would love to hear from you. Please send us a message via this link and we will get back to you soon.


As part of our vision to Equip, Educate, and Empower young members of the fashion and creative community, FII partners with various charities to spotlight the amazing work these organizations do within their communities. Through proceeds from our annual events, we also provide monetary support to these charities ensuring much-needed work is carried out.
We are proud to list Create Arts and Project Pikin as two organisations we have partnered with. Create Arts is UK’s leading charity for empowering lives through the creative arts.
Project Pikin is a Sierra Leone based non-governmental, non-profit charity organisation that seeks to cater to the needs of street children and orphans. The aim is to invest in children by empowering them through healthcare, education, counseling, and giving them a safe home.

For 2019, we are planning to work with two organisations one of which is Lifeline Nehemiah. Lifeline Nehemiah was founded in 1996 as an organic response to the brutal conflict ravaging Sierra Leone at the time. The organisation set about rebuilding the lives of ex-child soldiers and young people affected by the war. The organisation currently operates several projects throughout Sierra Leone including formal education, vocational skills training, agricultural development and care home for young people.


Fashion Industry Insiders continues to work with non-profit institutions that invest in creative people. We welcome organizations​​ with a heart for empowerment and transformational change, ​especially within the creative and fashion industry.