As we prepare to launch the Fashion Industry Insiders (FII) event, an event we strongly believe will be the start of a new era in Sierra Leone’s blossoming fashion industry, we have put below, a guide to some of the interesting line up of things to expect on each of the days:


Through our partners, we have created a series of programs for capacity building for day 1. We have strict criteria for the selection of beneficiaries. We have put together an expert team to select candidates based on need and potential. Day 1 package includes:

•Seminars; Conferences for discussions including the introduction to all things fashion and fashion business.
*Tutorials; Expert lectures and teachings by experienced tutors.
*Workshops; Intensive and Practical hands-on training sessions.

One of our main objectives for Freetown during FII 2019 is to; Educate, Equip and Empower young and aspiring fashion creatives and entrepreneurs in Sierra Leone. We believe that true legacy for Freetown 2019, lies within the next generation of fashion influencers and that through our tailor-made seminars, tutorials and workshops (attended independently or combined) FII can help towards making this legacy, a reality.

Due to the above vision, FII will be working with over 200 delegates and we have created 6 subgroups to cater to the needs of each delegate group which includes:

•Garment Production/Designing 
•Fashion imagery and Photography
•Fashion Business and entrepreneurship
•Fashion Modelling
•Fashion media, influencing and blogging
•The future of fashion

These groups will be led by experienced experts from the UK and Sierra Leone and we will also be in partnership with indigenous trailblazers in Sierra Leone for more support.
FII will create a conducive environment for all delegates to enable optimum learning.

Through our partners, we will provide the following:

Notepads, pens and other learning tools required on the day
Hands-on practical tutorial/workshops teaching sessions.
‘Ask the Experts’ Questions and Answer sessions.
Portfolio for aspiring models (Post successful workshop/tutorial attendances)
Certificate of attendance (Post successful workshop/ tutorial attendances)
Prizes for best inspirational delegates.
Refreshment Breaks.
Food and drinks.
End of Tutorial Networking Session.


Day 2 of the Fashion Industry Insiders event in Sierra Leone will take place on the 19th of December at Bintumani Conference Centre

It will be a fantastic evening full of spectacular fashion activities which will include;

•Runway Exhibitions.

•Catwalk shows.

•Exhibitions by designers from across Sierra Leon nationally as well as internationally.

•Displays and exhibition of arts and crafts by local artisans.

•Sierra Leon’s Cultural Dance Troupe

•Live Music by Sierra Leon’s best artists

•Live Entertainment.

•Food & Drinks

•Great Networking Opportunities.

As FII Freetown 2019 main goal is to help change the narrative of Sierra Leone, we will also be recognising and celebrating Sierra Leon’s upcoming and leading fashion designers and artists, in order to support, encourage and build our nation.

Come be a part of this inaugural phenomenon where Sierra Leoneans creatives will gather and join forces in changing the narrative and defining a brighter future.

Here are the ticket categories:


GOLD: Le 950,000 (exchange rate = £80)
Champagne or A refreshing drink upon arrival.
Dedicated VIP Red Carpet Photography.
Dedicated Pro make up artist for touch-ups for the VIP area.
Front Row seating during showcases.
Amazing Goodies (Premium quality)
Access to post Event photos, available for download.
SILVER: Le 500,000 (exchange rate = £45)
A refreshing drink upon arrival
Red carpet photography
Seated reception during showcases
Chance to win a raffle prize (SILVER TICKET HOLDERS ONLY)
Goodie bag
BRONZE: Le 250,000 (exchange rate = £22)
Red Carpet photo opportunity.
Soft drinks.
Limited seating.